Installation- We can install any telephone equipment you may need.
Relocation- We can move existing telephone equipment to any location.
Cabling- We can cable new or existing locations, for phone and computers.
We use only the best cat5e or cat 6 network cable.
Programming- We can program almost any phone system you may have.
Training- We can teach you how to use any phone system you may have.
Link to system manuals and user guides
                        Time and Date changes:
For Samsung: press trsf 200, passcode=1234, press vol up one time until you see enable on bottom
left                         of display, then press trsf again. (Congratulations you are now in customer
level                                        programming).
Once back at regular time and date on display. Press trsf 505 and follow along (example:                          
W stands for day of week 1=Monday and 7= Sunday, MM stands for month, DD stands for                         
day of month, YY stands for year, and then time is in military time) press trsf to                                           
save.(Congratulations you have changed time and date.)    
For Vodavi: Go to extension 100 and press  692,(enter Year as YY, month as MM, day as DD, hour
as                        HH, minute as MM.) You will hear a confirmation tone, press on/off to update the